Why Does Didier Drogba Support 01 Founders?

What does football and coding have in common? And why did football legend Didier Drogba choose to support 01 Founders?
We spoke to all-time top scorer Didier Drogba, to find out why he chose to support 01 Founders.
Ex-Chelsea player Drogba knows a few things about what it takes to be successful in your career. A retired striker, Didier is named the all-time top scorer, has played for Chelsea, was captain of the Ivory Coast national team and has played for teams across the world. Born & raised in Ivory Coast, he was declared “African Footballer of the Year” in 2006 and 2009. “I’ve been fortunate enough to be successful in football and it has given me control of my life.” Of course we were excited to get support from a successful footballer who knows all about hard-work, teamwork and achieving success.
“I’m now passionate about opportunities that give people the best chance to shape their own future and success story in life. I think 01 Founders has given people the opportunity to do that.”
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The Importance of Teamwork
“It’s important to work as a team. I like the fact that this course is based on collaboration". Collaboration and teamwork in software development, like football, is an important part of developing yourself and your skills. At 01F You’ll collaborate, give feedback, get feedback, learn from others, and hear other perspectives you might have never thought of. You support each other and understand the work and perseverance needed to understand complicated projects. “Everybody working together to achieve their goals and overcome the challenges they face.” According to Didier it’s how you become one of the best.
Preparing For Success
“01 Founders prepares you for success,” he stated. How do we prepare you for success?
  • You’re prepared to code projects - By working on real-world projects created by our partners, you’ll learn how to code through a variety of projects.
  • You’re prepared to collaborate - Collaboration is important to coding, from receiving the project brief, understanding your role and seeing things from a new perspective. We give you the opportunity to learn with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Pick up leadership skills from an ex manager or share your favourite coding resource. Everyone will have something to contribute. You’ll learn how to express your thoughts and ideas.
  • You’re prepared to fail - Failure is bound to happen in life. In software development but it's one of the best ways to learn. You’ll develop yourself mentally as you learn that failure isn’t the end. A mistake can lead you to learning something new.
Taking on Empowering Opportunities
“Sometimes in life to win, you have to grab opportunities as they arise.” Didier stated that 01 Founders is an “empowering” opportunity. It allows a diverse group of individuals to “elevate themselves from being customers to creators.”
As you know, 01 Founders is free. We want people from all backgrounds to have the opportunity to elevate their lives and shape a future of tech which reflects us all.
Long-term university debt or the cost of short-term boot camps will be off-putting to many. We’re here to remove that barrier to help you “elevate” “from being customers to creators.”
I think it's important for people to learn how to code because software development is present everywhere. Learning how to code will elevate people from being customers of digital companies to being creators of them. We need people of all ages, genders, ethnicities and backgrounds to help create a sustainable and equal future for all of us.”
Imagine, in just two years you will have the experience of a mid-level developer as you took the first steps in elevating your future.
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