How Can 01 Founders be Free and Guarantee a Job?


With 2021 seeing 42% more tech jobs than previously, and fast advancements in areas such as AI, Blockchain and cloud computing, the tech industry is rapidly evolving. It’s becoming difficult for employers to find the right people for roles. People who are ready to adapt to new technologies and experiences.


Meanwhile, London is seeing an increasing gap between the tech world and minority communities. And the creative community has become middle class and predominantly white with male leadership most prevalent across most sectors. As Your parents probably want you to focus on traditional routes into careers as markers of success.offices grow, develop, the cost of living increases and access to high paying, influential industries becomes increasingly restricted.


That’s where we come in. We’ve partnered with companies to create our free coding course in London. To bridge the gap and develop diverse, high quality full stack developers who have the ability to adapt to new challenges. 


How Do We Partner? 

Employment partners are the companies you’ll work for. To put it simply: They pay us to train you. 

Companies are always looking for ways to simplify hiring and finding the best talent. We make that easy for them. It takes time and money to search for individual recruits who have the skills needed for each role. That includes identifying needs, creating the description, posting to job boards, searching through CV’s, and interviewing to dig out whether the applicant has certain skills they hadn’t expressed on their CV.

Employment partners fund the programme by committing to a membership programme focused on developing talent in partnership with 01Founders. They also commit to hire a  number of learners when they graduate. . That enables us to  make it free for you. Plus, having direct communication with employers ensures you’ll always have up to date skills by working on projects made by them.


Who Are Our Employment Partners


Our partners include:


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You and The Course

Only 27% of university graduates can confidently display 11 of the skills defined to boost employability. We work with employers to ensure that you’re work ready and gain the hard and soft skills you need to succeed.

The three week Selection Pool is a chance for you to show off your potential for a chance to enter the full 2 year Fellowship. Over the two years you’ll have the opportunity to train to become a highly skilled full-stack developer. Show growth, collaboration and determination, you’ll have the potential to finish the 2 year programme. 


If you’re ready to take the first step in your career:

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